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Universal Laser Marker


The laser marker is designed for marking components of different shape and material with clear text, a bar code or a datamatrix code. It can be operated as a stand-alone or in-line machine. Thanks to short marking times, a compact design and utmost reliability, the laser marker operates extremely efficiently and economically. It is possible to use different types of laser according to the type of application.











The principle

The part to be marked is carried to the marking position by a handling system.The galvo head is adjusted in height via a z axis.The machine can be equipped with lift systems at both the input and output ends. Manual feeding is also possible.


Marking material

Ceramic substrate; printed circuit board material; glass; globe top and epoxy resin casting compounds; varnish; silicon; gold, copper, aluminium, steel etc.; plastics



  • Wafer on frames or carrier

  • Substrate: single module

  • Components in carriers

  • Various parts of different shapes



  • The Laser Marker consists of the following main structural components:

  • Magazine lift

  • Frame handling

  • Frame fixing

  • Motor-driven travelling cross table with angular adjustment

  • CCD cameras with image processing

  • Control via industrial PC

  • Laser with galvo head and control system

  • Stabile welded base frame with granite base plate



  • Accurate marking of components of different shape and size

  • Clear text in different fonts

  • High-resolution images

  • Graphics and CAD files

  • Logos, test symbols etc.

  • Bar code; 2D code (datamatrix code)

  • Minimum pixel size up to 35 µm depending on material



The Laser Marker is designed according to specific requirements and customer demands. Basic principle: The component is fixed on a carrier and is moved in x, y, and z direction. Alternatively, the galvo head can also be motor-driven and adjusted in height.