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Testing and Taping Machine


The testing and taping machine is part of a production line for sensor modules.
The sensor modules are fed to the machine in a carrier, transferred to a rotary indexing table, they are subjected to a preliminary test and marked with a datamatrix code. The components are then packed in a reel. Faulty parts are removed from the machine on a conveyor belt.











Technical details

  • Processing of sensor modules

  • Cycle time: <6sec depending on testing time

  • Transport: component in carrier/boat

  • Processing of ESD sensitive components

  • Control: VME bus, CAN bus



Marking is carried out by an ink-jet printer. The printer consists of a printing head with positioning unit, operating panel as well as a control unit. The component is flipped before printing. The positioning unit moves the printing head over the component. A datamatrix code is printed on the component.



The taping machine is designed for packaging particularly flexible components on blister tape. The rigid part of the flexible components protrudes out of the tape, the components are fixed on the blister tape by adhesive film. The presence of the blister tape and adhesive film, correct tape transport and proper insertion of parts in the tape are all monitored by sensors.



  • Inlet conveyor

  • Transfer unit at inlet

  • Rotary indexing table

  • Station for electrical test

  • Printer for datamatrix code

  • Transfer unit at outlet

  • Bad part conveyor Outlet conveyor