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Measuring System HPWM2000


The handling system is designed for the testing of wafers and components using testing equipment provided by the customer. It is highly-accurate and offers minimum cycle times.
Individual machine components can be modified according to test requirements and component specifications.


The concept of the HPWM 2000 handling system is based on a machine platform which is designed for further applications as a line concept. A welded base frame with granite base plate forms the stable, vibration-reducing and temperature-resistant platform for the dynamic movements.







Technical details

  • Processing of panels and wafers

  • Component sizes up to 1mm edge length

  • High positioning accuracy in x-y-z direction

  • The handling time depends on the customer-specific application, a typical time is 200ms


General features

  • Processing of panels and wafers

  • Processing of components face down

  • Processing of uncut wafers or cut panels

  • Fixed test head Positioning of components in x, y, z and phi direction

  • Sensor-controlled component height



  • Simple menu system, all functions are quickly accessible via a tab system, important functions can be called up via shortcuts.

  • Live image of production process

  • Tool boxes for comfortable setting of important parameters and functions User guide through message boxes with explanatory texts Status display


Traceability concept

  • Main components of HPWM 2000 Magazine lift, input and output

  • Frame handling and frame centring

  • Wafer or panel fixation using vacuum suction plate

  • Lift and rotary unit Camera system, image processing

  • Control unit

  • Customer-specific testing equipment 


Operating process

  • The magazine lift is manually loaded with a magazine.

  • The frames are positioned and carried to the cross table by the frame handling unit.

  • The frame is clamped and fixed by the suction plate.

  • The position of the panel is determined by detection marks.

  • The components are positioned with the aid of the cross table, hydraulic rotary unit and image processing system.

  • The component to be measured is lifted up to testing contacts.