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Curing and Testing Station


A curing station, measuring station, inspection module and hole punching machine are components of a production line for chip cards. In the curing station, the adhesive from the chip bonds is hardened to such an extent that the chips no longer shift on the carrier material during further processing. In the measuring station, a function test of the bonded chips is carried out. The inspection module checks adhesive leakage. Faulty modules are marked with a punched hole in the hole punching unit.










Technical details

  • Smart Card line

  • Curing: 32 thermodes

  • Inspection: Dispense and curing inspection

  • Electrical test: Testing and marking of bad parts



The curing station consists of 32 thermodes. They are lowered onto the chips with a set force. A cover strip protects the chips from mechanical strain. Temperature and contact force are selected so that the duration of the adhesive hardening process is reduced to a minimum without damaging the components.The curing unit can be replaced. This enables the processing of leadframes with different pitches.


Testing station

The testing station which is integrated in the line, tests the electrical function of the modules. A probe card is used for this purpose. The position and quality of the module bonding are optically checked. Modules which are detected as being faulty are marked with a punched hole.