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Automatic Cutting Machine


The automatic cutting machine is designed for separating capacitor rings into individual capacitors. The capacity of the capacitors can be deliberately varied by altering the length of the segment. The cutting length is automatically corrected by a PC-supported machine control system on the basis of the capacity values determined by the integrated testing technology.
The machine is equipped with a continuous ring feeder. The process is thus not interrupted by a ring change-over. The cut capacitors are sorted into length classes fully automatically.









Technical details

  • Different ring widths can be processed

  • Inner ring diameter: 600 mm to 800 mm

  • High productivity Cutting feed 18 mm/s

  • Limited cutting tolerance

  • Rotational speed of cutting unit 0-1800 rpm

  • Cutting speed max. 100 mm/s

  • Continuous infeed of material, no process interruption during ring change-over.

  • Fully-automatic sorting system, division of capacitors into length classes.



  • Cutting unit: feed via servo motor

  • Transport system: rings are fed through a clamping conveyor system Transport of capacitors via a rotary indexing table

  • Sorting station: testing and sorting of capacitors into classes Control unit: industrial PC

  • Testing technology: integrated testing technology including loading device, transfer of measured data to industrial PC.


Cutting process

  • The capacitor rings are separated into individual segments. The capacity results from the length of the segment.

  • The capacitor is electrically tested in the next step.