Laser System HPWL1000


The handling system is designed for the marking of components. It processes panels on adhesive film in 6“ frames. The components are located, positioned and marked.
The machine is designed to mark components of different shape and material. The transport and handling unit are customised for different applications.










Technical details

  • Typical component size 2mm x 2mm

  • Short cycle times

  • High positioning accuracy for marking

  • Self-check of marking quality (read-back)

  • Marking on the basis of wafer mapping



  • Simple menu system, all functions are quickly accessible via a tab system, important functions can be called up via shortcuts.

  • Live image of production process

  • Tool boxes for comfortable setting of important parameters and functions

  • User guide through message boxes with explanatory texts

  • Status display

  • Traceability concept


Main components of HPWL 1000

  • Magazine lift, input and output

  • Frame handling and clamp

  • Panel fixation using vacuum suction plate

  • Rotary unit C

  • amera system, image processing

  • Control unit


Operating process

The magazine lift is manually loaded with a magazine. The frames are positioned and carried to the cross table by the frame handling unit. The frame is clamped. The components are positioned by the cross table, rotary unit and image processing system. The component is marked.