Taping System HPWT3100


The handling system is designed to process surface mount devices by loading them into individual pockets in carrier tape. The coordinates and rotation of each individual component on the carrier film are transmitted so that the part is then picked up and accurately positioned in the tape pocket.The inspection system also ensures that the components transferred to the tape are with correct orientation.

The efficient construction of the machine ensures a very low cycle time with high accuracy.


 HPWT3100 :: Taping System.  

Technical details

  • Processing of electronic components
  • Short handling times
  • Positioning accuracy in the tape ±75µm
  • Rotational accuracy ±2.5°



  • Simple menu system, all functions are quickly accessible via a tab system, important functions can be called up via shortcuts.
  • User management and access control
  • Live image of production process
  • Tool boxes for comfortable setting of important parameters and functions
  • User guide through message boxes with explanatory texts
  • Status display
  • Traceability concept



  • Magazine lift with frame changer
  • X/Y table for frame.
  • Flipper to pick and flip components from the frame
  • Integrated image processing system
  • Tape unwinding unit
  • Transfer section
  • Welding station
  • Packaging
  • Extra bright LEDs guarantee good lighting. Tape pocket and component can thus be perfectly detected. The tape is heat sealed after being fitted with components.The LEDs convey an impression of the size of the components.