All the machines presented were designed or modified according to technological requirements and customer demands. Equipment and technical data are to be considered as examples. Before suggesting concrete system solutions, it is essential that we have samples of the components to be processed, information on integration in other production processes and details of requirements concerning economic and technical parameters.


We offer highly-accurate frames and trays adapted to the respective component shapes.

Frame magazine: for different frame dimensions
Stainless steel frame: for different wafer dimensions
Stainless steel and plastic trays
Conductive foam panels
Stick magazines


IT Testers


The IT Tester integrates the following three functions: testing, marking and packaging, in a single machine. The machine processes components in flip chip or SMD technology. The machine can be retooled according to the respective component type. The components are picked up from adhesive film or trays, positioned, measured, sorted, marked with a laser and packed in tapes.


Curing and Testing Station


A curing station, measuring station, inspection module and hole punching machine are components of a production line for chip cards. In the curing station, the adhesive from the chip bonds is hardened to such an extent that the chips no longer shift on the carrier material during further processing. In the measuring station, a function test of the bonded chips is carried out. The inspection module checks adhesive leakage. Faulty modules are marked with a punched hole in the hole punching unit.


Repacking Machine


The repacking and control machine is part of a production line for sensor modules. The sensor modules are fed to the machine in a carrier tape, manually transferred to a rotary indexing table, subjected to an optical control, marked with a datamatrix code and then packed in a reel.


Testing and Taping Machine


The testing and taping machine is part of a production line for sensor modules.
The sensor modules are fed to the machine in a carrier, transferred to a rotary indexing table, they are subjected to a preliminary test and marked with a datamatrix code. The components are then packed in a reel. Faulty parts are removed from the machine on a conveyor belt.

Universal Laser Marker


The laser marker is designed for marking components of different shape and material with clear text, a bar code or a datamatrix code. It can be operated as a stand-alone or in-line machine. Thanks to short marking times, a compact design and utmost reliability, the laser marker operates extremely efficiently and economically. It is possible to use different types of laser according to the type of application.


Automatic Cutting Machine


The automatic cutting machine is designed for separating capacitor rings into individual capacitors. The capacity of the capacitors can be deliberately varied by altering the length of the segment. The cutting length is automatically corrected by a PC-supported machine control system on the basis of the capacity values determined by the integrated testing technology.
The machine is equipped with a continuous ring feeder. The process is thus not interrupted by a ring change-over. The cut capacitors are sorted into length classes fully automatically.

Winding Machine RWM2000


The winding machine is designed for the production of capacitor rings. Two metallic films are wound over each other onto a fast rotating winding reel.
In a follow-up operating process, the capacitor rings are separated into individual, defined segments – the actual capacitors – in a cutting machine.

Laser System HPWL1000


The handling system is designed for the marking of components. It processes panels on adhesive film in 6“ frames. The components are located, positioned and marked.
The machine is designed to mark components of different shape and material. The transport and handling unit are customised for different applications.

Measuring System HPWM2000


The handling system is designed for the testing of wafers and components using testing equipment provided by the customer. It is highly-accurate and offers minimum cycle times.
Individual machine components can be modified according to test requirements and component specifications.


Taping System HPWT3100


The handling system is designed to process surface mount devices by loading them into individual pockets in carrier tape. The coordinates and rotation of each individual component on the carrier film are transmitted so that the part is then picked up and accurately positioned in the tape pocket.The inspection system also ensures that the components transferred to the tape are with correct orientation.